Children in the Bronx are lacking crucial programs and services in our schools such as social work and counseling services, curriculum that incorporates creative intelligence and the social and emotional well being of students.


Re-Imagine Education

To tackle this issue we must hold accountable the New York City Department of Education and push for a reform of our public education system. 


This initiative will:

  • Include a realistic and robust plan for children to return to school safely

  • Increase the quality of remote learning for students

  • Ensure after school and alternative care for parents who need to work 

  • Incorporate anti-racist models of learning into our public education system.

  • Our schools must be mental health aware and informed

  • Increase the number of school social workers in our public schools.

  • Provide a funding plan to create more art and music programs in public school system

  • Renovate and upgrade our school buildings.

  •  Ensure funding and resources is allocated to public schools to implement the aforestated initiatives and plans.

  • This would be a collaborative community effort and benefit students, parents and school personnel leading to better student outcomes in the Bronx including higher graduation, safer school communities and neighborhoods, parents feeling more supported, higher college attainment, future higher earnings and a more stable and thriving economy. 


Small Businesses

To prevent small businesses from closing, we can do this this together:​

  • Increase financing opportunities for minority owned small businesses in district 12 impacted by COVID-19

  • Commercial rental assistance for minority small businesses in district 12 impacted by COVID-19

  • Minority small businesses will have increased access to contract with the government as a way of bringing in additional revenue into our small businesses.

  • Nonprofits need a resource center to help prevent funds delay, to learn how to apply to funding and government contracts.




Currently, the conditions of our transit system is hazardous to the health of pedestrians, I would ensure funds are put into the City budget to have better maintenance and upkeep. I would ensure all transit stops are accessible to all disabled persons including working elevators.

  • I would push campaigns and awareness on the need for green initiatives to drivers via social media, online advertisements.  

  • I would also work with New York City to offer discounted bike rentals to pedestrians who are also employed to encourage the use of bikes, this would incentivize pedestrians to support the redesigning of streets

  • I also believe the MTA NYC Transit and NYC DOT must develop a better relationship with residents and increase transparency about their plans and work together and alongside with residents as we work together to redesign networks.

  • I would also place strong emphasis on decriminalizing bus evasion, as this has been used as a tactic against black and brown individuals.

  • I would advocate for free bus service, I believe access to bus service is also essential to New Yorkers getting to and from work. This will also reduce congestion on transit as it will give pedestrians.


Child Welfare Reform

The New York City Administration of Children & Family Services has traditionally disproportionately removed Black children from their homes. Additionally, Black mothers are often targeted and policed. A bold and progressive plan to reimagine the child welfare system is needed to combat this. 


  • Alternative to removal services including parental support and help, mental health, community-based supports to strengthen families. 

  • Decriminalization of Black mothers and domestic violence victims. 

  • A new enhanced and non traumatic plan for removal of children, as last resort.

  • Anti-racism training mandatory for all ACS workers including field, entry and supervisory.

  • Increased rights of moms and children.

  • Considering breastfeed moms and mother child bond before removal

  • Increased supports to help moms keep their kids in the home. 

  • Courts to change language from best interest of child to best interest of child, mom OR primary caregiver.

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Housing Reform

Housing is a human right. The cost of living is too high. We need to ensure we are not forcing families out of their communities. ​

  • We need to first preserve the affordable housing units that we are at risk of losing .

  • We need to fight for rent stabilization in our district.

  • We need a task force to monitor and ensure new rent stabilization laws are being followed. 

  • Repurpose buildings to build low-income and affordable housing to eradicate homelessness in New York City.

  • Rezoning of laws to build low-income and affordable housing. 

  • The shelter system need to be re-imagined with a comprehensive plan to stop the cycle of homelessness. We need to ensure an exit way from the shelter system to stabilized housing. 

  • The 14,000 children who are homeless who attend public schools need to be placed in stabilized housing. 



Health Care & Mental Health

We must prioritize the Bronx at both the state and city level – by putting the Bronx at the top of the list we can start to reverse the trend, and improve health outcomes for Bronxites.” The Bronx must be prioritized at the top of the list to reverse the trends and improve health outcomes. We can address this together with an ambitious plan.

  • Push for a universal health care system that ensures every New Yorker is covered.

  • Expansion of community-based clinics to ensure accessibility to high quality mental health services and high quality health care. 

  • Increase in the number of school social workers to ensure all children in K-12 schools have access mental health during the school day to support the social-emotional well-being of youth.

  • A robust plan to roll out COVID-19 vaccinations to ensure all New Yorkers are vaccinated and to ensure accessibility to vaccines. 




The Bronx continues to rank 62 out of 62 in terms of health outcomes; the root causes of many underlying health issues in the Bronx is due to environmental injustice. The residents of the Bronx deserve high quality of life including clean and green streets, clean air, clean parks and safer communities. 


To achieve environmental equity in the Bronx, I would form a committee to prepare and scope a plan for clean energy and to outline our climate agenda. I would work in consultation with the Climate Justice Working Group and the Environmental Justice Advisory Group.


Our climate agenda will include:​

  • Rezoning to allow affordable housing, preventing displacement and ensuring every New Yorker has access to safe and affordable housing in their communities.

  • Capital projects invested in building and cleaning up our parks and planting community gardens.  

  • Racial equity lenses will be incorporated into land use and planning.

  • Empowering and educating the community-building trust in decision-making processes, disclosing risks to the public. Ensuring the government is held accountable 

  • Fresh and healthier food choices in the Bronx with fresh markets. 


Police Reform

True police reform is needed to bridge the gap between minority communities and the NYPD. To accomplish this, we must enact a plan for true police reform where the Mayor, Commissioners and City Councils work together with the community to ensure an ambitious plan to protect the rights of minorities and to protect minority communities.

  • I would push for mandatory sensitivity training for all police officers.

  • Roll out a plan to recruit minority young adults into the police department to ensure community policing includes minority police officers protecting our community.

  • Community events to ensure the police are invested in engaging in the full community and committed to protecting our communities with respect, dignity and transparency.

  • Social Workers and Mental Health Teams of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) health professionals and mental health crisis workers to be dispatched through 911 to respond to mental health emergencies in two high-need communities.

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