Dear Community, 

After much prayer and deliberation, I have decided to accept the call to run for New York City Council in District 12. This decision was not an easy one as I take representing my community as a privilege but more importantly as a divine assignment. Running for office during a time when our society desperately needs true leadership is so vital. We have weathered the storms during COVID-19 and have experienced much loss including loved ones, friends, spiritual leaders, and employment, but I believe with God, as a community and with the right leadership, we can truly come out stronger than ever. 

I am running for City Council in District 12 because I know we can do better and as a community we deserve more. District 12 deserves a leader, not another politician, that will be transparent, loyal and trustworthy. My track record as both a Social Worker and a nonprofit leader has taught me how to lead with humility, conviction and passion. 

As a working-class single mother, born and raised in the Bronx in a low-income single parent female headed household, I attended public schools my entire life, including Evander Childs High School, and I know what it's like to fight through the stigmas and barricades of being a black woman.


I understand the impact of policies and legislation on a personal level. I have personally been impacted by the inequities of our system and that is why I want to fight with you to change it, for a better, stronger, healthier and unified community. 

It is my conviction to serve my community, it is my conviction to provoke change to systems and governments that will allow equal access to rights such as quality education, jobs, housing, health care and the pursuit of happiness. With a tumultuous political climate, I am persuaded that now it the time to rise to the occasion.


I have devoted my entire life to serving children, youth and families, since the age of 14. I have worked with countless foster care youth, juvenile delinquents, vulnerable populations, mentally ill and formerly incarcerated individuals, and more recently as a State Representative with New York State. Over the years I have developed a rapport and connection with my community members and advocated for the needs and rights of their children, families, homes, health and jobs. In 2013, I launched a Nonprofit organization that has served over 2,000 youth and families in the Bronx and New York City through school-based counseling services, mentoring services and art services. I have been formally recognized and acknowledged by my community on several occasions for my work and leadership and was nominated and elected by my community in 2018, as the Third Youth Vice President of the North Bronx Section of the National Council of Negro Women.


My agenda is simple, you. My agenda is to serve you, represent you and stand by you as your next leader of the district. I plan to help reform educational policies to ensure our youth receive quality and advanced education in District 12. Moreover, I plan to stand for affordable housing in our community and to fight for rent stabilization and home ownership for each of you. 

If you will elect me as your next City Council Member, I can promise you one thing, I will fight for you and for the matters that we care about. 


In your service,

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